Wonder Drug Clomid —sike

After stopping birth control I just have never been regular. It has been long cycle lengths that leave you hopeful for a positive test, to spotting every day for a long time to a period every 15 days to provera and clomid. After several visits to the OBGYN and labs and waiting and waiting and wating to see if I would regulate, I mean people always tell you”Oh, it just might take some time to regulate after stopping the pill” so continue waiting and then finally the OBGYN orders provera and 50mg clomid.

The hope once again returns, this will be it this will work I will ovulate and just maybe I’ll get pregnant. Day 21 comes to get a progesterone level drawn to see if I did ovulate. More waiting and calling basically having to beg to get lab results. I get the result. 0.52 Thats a big fat no you did not ovulate. Once again I was devastated, I took the news very hard, I was upset. I knew this meant there was a bigger issue. But I cried got it out and moved on to the next attempt. The next attempt ended the same, no ovulation, and with much frustration with the OBGYN office I finally threw in the towel and called the Fertility Clinic to schedule the dreaded and the inevitable, Consultation.


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