Our Treatment History

Took birth control pill for approx. 2.5 years

5/2013 Stopped Birth Control

8/2013 Semen Analysis x2  due to known varicocele :1-2% normal sperm.

11/2013  Transvaginal ultrasound: no issues seen

1/2014 Provera/ Clomid 50mg at OBGYN due to annovulation: did not ovulate, had progesterone level drawn

2/2014 Clomid 50mg still no ovulation

2/2014 RE consultation -apparently have “slight” PCOS

3/2014 100mg clomid day10 u/s follicle 9mm repeated with 150mg clomid day 17 follicle 15mm. HCG Trigger and IUI-BFN




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